What We Do

Elimu is an economic empowerment platform. We amplify the leaders in our community, while mobilising them to give back to our youth.


Why This Matters

Disadvantaged youth inherit entrepreneurial qualities, which can be cultivated to develop successful leaders. This requires an investment of time, skills and resources into each young person.

Impact so far

We have built a community of leaders from a variety of industries. Our investment bankers, lawyers, politicians, actors and teachers etc are all united by a single purpose: empowering our youth.

These volunteers are giving back by teaching young people the lessons that they have learned on their journeys to success.


How this will make a difference

Our mission is to diversify opportunities in education, employment and entrepreneurship.

We are building a community for young people who want to succeed in their careers and lives.

We have developed a model which can be shared with the relevant institutions and implemented as a place-based engagement strategy at Local Government level. Find out more about this model by visiting our Elimu Fellowship page.

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How you can get involved

If you are a young person, check out the Elimu Fellowship and complete this simple form if you’d like to join our community

If you would like to tell young people about us, you can join our community as an Elimu Champion and we will send you our promotional materials.

If you would like to participate in one-off or regular mentoring, please sign up below and we’ll call to tell you more about becoming an Elimu Mentor.

If you would like to partner with us on a project, please email lynette@elimuinternational.org

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