Elimu Mentoring

Why get a mentor?

The Chartered Management Institute states that mentoring gives you access to the knowledge, guidance and confidence of others, in a supportive environment that is completely confidential, impartial and nonjudgemental.

You will have guidance from your mentor for a set period of time, however the experience you take forward will stay with you :

• Improve your self-confidence, by learning new skills and experience

• Gain awareness of your skills

• Develop your network

• Benefit from an objective and safe source of support

Why become a mentor?

Help someone realise their potential – Activating the potential in someone by celebrating their talents empowers them to improve their own life, achieve their goals, and help others.

Give back to your community. The most impactful way to improve your community is to spend time investing in it. Mentoring youth in your community is a powerful way to invest in the next generation.

Learn more about yourself. Meaningful relationships are a two-way street. Learn more about your strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, experience, and beliefs by sharing them with someone else.

Change someone’s life. An intentional relationship has the power to alter a person’s life – particularly youth – for the better. You may be the only stable, positive impact in a youth’s life. The ripple effect is tremendous.

Become a better leader. Investing in the life of someone else challenges your perspective, sharpens your interpersonal skills, and exposes you to different decision-making approaches. Mentoring gives you the opportunity to learn by doing.




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