Elimu Fellowship

Saturday School 2.0! Develop your social, political and economic skills. Learn about money. Network with professionals. Win funding for your ideas.


What the Elimu Fellowship involves


This free 5-Point programme is delivered once a week in 3 hour sessions.

You’ll work in a team during the programme. You’ll join one of our three groups.

  • Group 1: 15 to 17 year-olds
  • Group 2: 18 to 21 year-olds
  • Group 3: 22 to 24 year-olds



Our 5-Point Fellowship programme:


1. Learn from experts

We will introduce you to professionals from different industries. They will give talks about their areas of expertise.


2. Co-host our Summit

You’ll join us in hosting our annual Young Excellence Summit.


3. Get mentoring

At the Summit, you’ll get a mentoring session with an expert that we match you with.


4. Develop a business idea

As part of the Fellowship, you’ll work in teams to develop a business idea. You’ll then pitch the business idea for a chance to win micro-funding.


5. Achieve your goals and become a member of the Elimu society

You will choose a personal goal at stage 1, which we will help you to achieve by the end of the programme.

Even after you graduate from the programme, you will be an Elimu Fellow. This means accessing support when you need it, giving back by volunteering with future cohorts and receiving updates on our events and opportunities.



  • Build your CV
  • Develop a business idea
  • Increase your business skills
  • Receive mentoring from a business professional
  • Gain skills and build experience to stand out in interviews
  • Increase your knowledge of money management and investing
  • Network with a range of professionals from different industries
  • Build confidence in deciding to continue in education, develop a business, apply for jobs or seek training



Get Involved


Register your interest

If you’re 15-24 years old you can register your interest in becoming an Elimu Fellow.

We give priority to those who are not in education, employment or training. We will also give priority to you if you are unsure of your next steps after school or college.

You do not need any qualifications to take part in this programme.

Become and Elimu Fellow


Refer a young person

If you are an educational institute, local authority, youth group, parent, or organisation, you can refer a young person to our programme.

Send an email to hello@elimuinternational.org and we will arrange a call.


Become a Champion

You can share this opportunity with young people. We can arrange a chat and send you our promotional materials.

Register to become a Champion


Become a Mentor

If you are a professional interested in providing a one-off mentoring session we’d love to hear from you. Fill out our form and we will get in touch to schedule a chat so you can find out more about being a mentor.

Become a Mentor



Why Elimu Fellowship

Elimu means knowledge/education (Swahili)

Fellow means a member of an organisation or group that shares the same interests or experiences.

Becoming a Fellow means joining our network to develop your knowledge, skills and experience. The Fellowship aims to allow you the best start in business and financial freedom.

Members of our team come from similar backgrounds to many of you. We, along with our guest speakers and mentors, will share experience and advice.

Together we will provide you with the support we wish we had when we were overcoming the barriers to our current successes.






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