Employment and Entrepreneurship Programme

The Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Hub (YEH!) is a Pan-African start up incubator programme. Elimu International is developing an ecosystem of young entrepreneurs from marginalised communities across the UK and Africa. We aim to unite an international community of youth who are achieving the Sustainable Development Goals while learning to access opportunities for financial security and social mobility.

YEH! will provide young people aged 16-19 with access to a space that they can use to learn, work and build their network. Over 10 months, they will gain experience in employment and entrepreneurship, while developing  personal and professional skills. They will also learn about their human rights, personal finance, managing a team and developing a business. Most importantly, this programme will produce youth-led intiatives to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

YEH! is a holistic service, offering opportunities for all participants to put their learning into practice. Upon completion of the programme, the young participants will be empowered to access and create SDG-oriented opportunities for success.

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