Ivy Kayima


Ivy is a Diversity and Inclusion recruitment specialist. She is fuelled by a passion for equality and social justice and has over five years of experience working both nationally and internationally, within the voluntary sector. She has worked for a range of charities and organisations, promoting equality within the workforce, supporting orphans in East Africa and challenging violence against women and young children. She also has a passion for the youth and empowering women and has worked at Bromley Council with the Youth Involvement Team. Ivy has also hosted her own radio show on Shoreditch Radio, empowering young women whilst advocating for the importance of diversity and inclusion within the workplace . She enjoys hosting events which focus on the importance of ethnic diversity as well as ensuring that inclusion is made a priority at all levels in the workplace. She has experience in hosting a number of events such as The Phenomenal Woman conference which takes places annually to uplift black women at work as well as events for Spiela – a collaborative platform.
Ivy has a firm and unwavering belief that employment is crucial for progression within anyone’s life and when done correctly, it can be used to combat the inequalities that people with protected characteristics face. However, through personal experience and through unfortunate events, Ivy has witnessed the difficulties minorities face not only in gaining employment, but within employment also. Because of this, Ivy decided to go back to education and complete her masters after working for Windsor fellowship, a charity which aims to provide equal opportunities for BAME individuals. After completing her Masters in International HR Management and gaining CIPD accreditation, she delivered programmes and led talks for Kaspersky, LinkedIn and Windsor Fellowship, which focused on the importance of diversity in the workforce.



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