LSE Africa Summit 2018

We attended the LSE Africa Summit in April, which saw a host of phenomenol speakers address the economy and the opportunities for youth to become stakeholders in Africa’s growth. As the continent enters a 4th industrial revolution, the fears of being overshadowed by Chinese investors was a resounding echo across the weekend. However, many gems were shared about areas for investment that can put Africans and the diaspora on a level playing field. We have shared some quotables below:


“The Africa rising narrative, is a tech rising narrative” -Eric Osiakwan, @ChanzoCapital

“Africa is entering a 4th industrial revolution; we must invest in STEM. Nanotech, blockchain and artificial intelligence are areas to look into” – Professor Akinwumi Adesina, @AfDB_Group


30% of Earths minerals are on the continent, but Africa’s population is at the highest rate of poverty. Trade must be made not on the basis of imports, but on the basis of the things we make.” –  President of Ghana, @NAkufoAddo

“By 2030, food in the agribusiness industry will be worth $1 trillion” – Professor Akinwumi Adesina, @AfDB_Group

“The agriculture sector has been formalised, but the people who created the sector have not benefitted from this” – Julius Gatune, @AcetforAfrica


“Disney’s biggest story was the Lion King. Marvel’s biggest story is Black Panther. It is all about US and the time is NOW to capitalise on OUR culture.” Khanyi Dhlomo, @Ndalo_Media

“Invest in African art, it is an asset.” Bolanle Austen-Peters, @TerraKulture


“The youth of Africa are similar to oil; We have so much, but we don’t yet know how to create value from them” – Bunmi Otegbade, @GENterpriser

“In 2050, 550 million African youths will be NEET – this can be a danger, or an opportunity.” – Professor Akinwumi Adesina, @AfDB_Group

“We need to trust young people and bet on them to succeed. They are our best investment.” – Professor Akinwumi Adesina, @AfDB_Group


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