Samantha Nakirya

Samantha Nakirya is an employment, training and engagement specialist working with marginalized homeless individuals in Newham. Clients included young people, refugees as well as ex-offenders whereby she engages clients to make pivotal transitions within their lives through employment and other outlets.  
Leading a holistic approach to empower and enable community members to utilize the services available through partnership management. As well as this Samantha sits on the board of directors for AFFCAD UK. AFFCAD UK supports a bottom-up approach to tackling poverty, which is supported by the United Nations Development Programme. Working in partnership with AFFCAD Uganda raising support, awareness, and fundraising for initiatives on the ground. Initiatives in Uganda include community cohesion, youth empowerment, and health and wellbeing.  Here they have successfully received funding to build a new primary school in Bwaise, located in Kampala’s largest deprived area. This is a new space for students to receive high-level education using the tool of community whereby there will be community space, library, and garden.
Samantha is also in the process of completing an MA in Anthropology and Community Development at the University of London,  Goldsmith College. She brings a wealth of experiences especially in employment, engagement and social action. In her spare time, she enjoys boxing at a local community gym in Peckham, live music events and creative art.



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