The Business Show

The Business Show was hosted at Olympia London on 16th and 17th November 2017, offering a free exhibition and seminars for businesses at any stage, from inception to years of trade/services. This event provided invaluable information and advice for   succeeding in business, some of which is highlighted below:



Rachel Elnaugh, Founder of Red Letter Days and Source TV, as seen on Dragon’s Den

  1. Chase value and turning people on with what you offer – then money will come effortlessly
  2. Once you get into the business flow, everything is effortless and money lands in your lap because you love what you do
  3. The Red-Letter days business grew through word of mouth, before internet and mobiles
  4. No matter how much money was poured into advertising, 81% of business came from word of mouth and recommendation – Google, Facebook and Apple all grew through word of mouth from satisfied customers
  5. Donald Trump is testimony of the power of intention and holding it until it manifests into reality – metaphysical techniques – everything that manifests in the physical realm comes from the invisible realm
  6. If you take a commodity and make it into an experience, you add great value. If you make it transformational, it will be exponential
  7. Facebook, Twitter apple have transformed society, which is why they are the biggest companies in the world
  8. Great marketing is always built into your product – rather than push marketing, put all energy into creating the most amazing experience at the heart of your product
  9. It is important to go with your heart and create value rather than copying others
  10. Get interested in what goes viral – what makes things shareable – humour is a key tactic, make people experience joy
  11. Simplicity is key and less is more e.g. twitter and apple stores – use twitter to teach yourself simplicity – getting a message into a few characters and making people laugh then getting retweets


James Sinclair, Founder of The Partyman Company as seen on BBC

  1. Provide a service which enables residual income e.g. a day nursery, insurance etc. then expand to seasonal income e.g. laser park or play pen
  2. Look into buying troubled businesses and re-inventing them
  3. SME’s could gain profit from the business of providing experiences
  4. Are you an ox? – massive work hours, huge pound turner, control complex over the business, moments of glory, fear of failure, wanting all the success for yourself?
  5. Or are you an eagle? – soaring high on the lookout for talent/management, looking for the right opportunities, expert profit turners and marketeers, great deal makers and joint venture finders, investorpreneurs
  6. Every investment should fold into the existing empire
  7. OST management – Objectives, Strategy, Tactics:
    • Entrepreneurship + Management = Success
    • Entrepreneur thinks long term
    • Management thinks day to day
    • Businesses need micro-management – imagine a whole school with a fantastic head teacher and no teachers – it would be carnage
    • If you tell people your vision, what the end result looks like, you can attract a good team
    • Get a right-hand man i.e. a manager
    • Employ people rather than outsourcing
  1. Think big but act small
  2. Sales should be the focus before investing in operations, but invest in operations the minute you generate enough income
  3. Choose easy, scalable businesses
  4. Learn the nuts and bolts of business before changing the world – eBay, Shopify, Amazon etc
  5. Follow James Sinclair on YouTube and LinkedIn and join the Entrepreneurs Network


Haydn Walker, UK Government Intellectual Property Office

  1. Government resources – IP Equip and IP Health Check app and IP Basics, as well as IP masterclass online 
  2. The more distinctive’ you are, the more you’re likelyto get the trademark – so don’t include words like ‘clothing in the brand
  3. You can trademark sounds i.e. jingles
  4. People buy the brand not just the product
  5. Maintain awareness of competing trademarks to avoid expense
  6. You can upload an image on government or EU website to make sure no one has your logo already – can only search by design number on government site
  7. If you don’t register a trademark, you have some unregistered rights but will receive alot of hassle if people use your trademark
  8. Paris convention – 6 months priority so someone abroad cannot steal brand
  9. Madrid protocol – saves you filing in different countries if you’re in Europe
  10. Register design – patterns included – can be 3D or 2D
  11. Registered design rights last 25 years, unregistered lasts 10 years and in UK only – must prove when you created it
  12. You don’t need an attorney to register designs – you can do so alone
  13. Get an attorney for patents – 95% of applicants who do it themselves get rejected
  14. If you have something technologically different or innovative, it may be worth patenting
  15. Patents must be private before you apply for them – sign non-disclosure agreements
  16. Copyright is a free, automatic right, which protects the way you express your idea but not the actual idea – lasts long for literary, music, dramatic and artistic works – lifetime of over 70 years
  17. Need a contract to say you own copyright rights. Otherwise the manufacturer/designer owns the rights


Claire Bennison – Think Ahead ACCA apprenticeships

  1. Access to skills is a continuing issue for businesses
  2. Apprenticeships are developing as an alternative to university – can take people from beginner level to Masters level (7)
  3. Depending on age of apprentice – can pay 10% or nothing towards their training
  4. National Insurance (NI) savings are offered for businesses that take on apprentices and no NI contributions for paying under 25s
  5. Additional incentives if apprentices are care leavers
  6. If an employer has less than 50 employees and an apprentice is aged 16-18 years -old, government will pay 100% of the training costs
  7. Apprentices must be paid £3.50 per hour minimum and must work 30hrs per week (if they do less, contract must be longer than 12-18months)
  8. Study for qualifications must be completed during work time – must also do a learning log
  9. Colleges have been administering apprenticeships for years, now trainers are getting into schools and job centres to find apprentices and provide training

The next Business Show will be hosted at ExCel London on 16th and 17th May, 2018. If you’d like to attend or exhibit, head over to The Business Show website for registration. Don’t  miss out on the gems!

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